About the Product

Hanley Fold Farm is proud to offer you all natural handmade goat milk soap. Once you try our soap, you won’t want to go back. As one customer said, “I can’t wait to get my hands dirty so that I can wash them again!” Go ahead–get dirty! And then treat yourself to a bar of Hanley Fold Farm Goat Milk Soap. Your hands will thank you.  

Happy goats make happy hands. What do goats and smooth hands have in common? More than you might think! Hanley Fold Farm is dedicated to creating moisturizing soap from the finest ingredients, including farm-fresh goat milk. You will notice a difference in the soap right away! Your hands will feel cleaned and moisturized.

Why Hanley Fold Farm?

The ingredients used in our soaps include lard, tallow, olive oil, goat milk and either essential or fragrance oil depending on the scent. These ingredients allow your hands to get clean without stripping them of the good oils. Goat's milk is known to be high in amino acids, vitamin A and cream. That alone makes our soaps very good for your hands.

Jessica works as a registered nurse and has noticed a huge difference in her hands after making and using the soaps. Before with all the use of purell and gloves and washing hands frequently with kids and cleaning it left my hands feeling dry and chapped. After the added use of the goat's milk soap my hands no longer feel that way!We use it everywhere in the shower, at the bathroom sink, and in the kitchen!

There are lip balms available as well in multiple flavors. These are made with all natural ingredients- beeswax, shea butter, olive oil and vitamin E with then the flavor added.

Today, Hanley Fold Farm serves a national customer base. All products are available online,  May's Place Antique Store, Lehmann House Bed and Breakfast ,Local Harvest Grocery and Dwell in Design in the Saint Louis area.

You can order any out of stock soaps. Please be aware that it takes a month to cure the soap and we have been behind lately on making soap. Plan on at least 2 months to receive the soaps. 


*Disclaimer- this is a natural product if in the rare instance that skin sensitivities arise it is recommended that you stop all use and contact your physician.