Lotion Bars

It is TIME to fix your dry, cracked hands!!! For anyone who suffers from cracked hands or dry elbows, our moisturizing lotion bars are a must! I personally suffer from eczema and these lotion bars provide the moisture I need to help heal those itchy areas. Also, as a nurse my hands get dried out frequently! I rely on these lotion bars to soothe my hands and provide a nice scent.  The moisturizing qualities of these lotion bars come from the high quality ingredients—some of which may include beeswax, cocoa or shea butter, and olive oil. With a healthy dose of vitamin E natural and a touch of essential or fragrance oil for scent, these lotion bars will help soothe all your dry areas. The round lotion bars are packaged in convenient 1 oz. tins that fit easily in your purse or briefcase.

We can make these in any scent that is available in soap. If you have a favorite scent that you want to be made into a lotion bar e-mail us at hffsoap@yahoo.com