Hanley Fold Farm is proud to offer you all natural handmade goat’s milk soap. Once you try our soap, you won’t want to go back. As one customer said, “I can’t wait to get my hands dirty so that I can wash them again!” Go ahead–get dirty! And then treat yourself to a bar of Hanley Fold Farm Goat’s Milk Soap. Your hands will thank you.  

Happy goats make happy hands. What do goats and smooth hands have in common? More than you might think! Hanley Fold Farm is dedicated to creating moisturizing soap from the finest ingredients, including farm-fresh goat's milk. 

Today, Hanley Fold Farm serves a national customer base. All products are available online, Tower Grove Farmer's market, May Place Antique Store, City Greens, Local Harvest Grocery and Dwell in Design in the Saint Louis area.


*Disclaimer- this is a natural product if in the rare instance that skin sensitivities arise it is recommended that you stop all use and contact your physician.