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Hanley Fold Farm is proud to offer you all natural handmade goat’s milk soap. Once you try our soap, you won’t want to go back. As one customer said, “I can’t wait to get my hands dirty so that I can wash them again!” Go ahead–get dirty! And then treat yourself to a bar of Hanley Fold Farm Goat’s Milk Soap. Your hands will thank you.  

Happy goats make happy hands. What do goats and smooth hands have in common? More than you might think! Hanley Fold Farm is dedicated to creating moisturizing soap from the finest ingredients, including farm-fresh goat's milk. Hanley Fold Farm originated in Dorr, Michigan in 2005 when Anne discovered the wonder of goat milk soap at a conference on dairy goats. She was amazed by the natural moisturizing qualities of this soap. Anne left the conference with smooth hands and a determination to learn how to make goat milk soap.

Using her strong background in Biology and an ample supply of milk from the family goats, Anne went to work, making batch after batch until she created the soap now produced by the Hanley Fold Farm. She frequently shared the soap with friends and family. Encouraged by the positive feedback that she received, Anne founded the Hanley Fold Farm and expanded her product offering to include all natural lotion bars and lip balm.

Anne left the family goats behind when she moved to Saint Louis, Missouri in 2006 to pursue a career in Nursing, but she brought her passion for soap-making. Using fresh goat's milk from local Missouri and Illinois farms, Anne continued to handcraft her famous goat's milk soap. She found a welcoming audience in her fellow nurses, many of whom suffered from chronically dry hands. After trying the Hanley Fold Farm Goat's Milk Soap, the nurses continued to come back for more. They were thrilled to finally find a soap that did not dry out their hands.

Sometimes it is difficult to see who is more excited about Hanley Fold Farm products–Anne or her customers. For her part, Anne's motivation in providing these natural products is simply to help people. “This is a high quality soap that lasts for a longtime, and it’s good for your skin,” explains Anne. “I make it because people like it."

Today, Hanley Fold Farm serves a national customer base. All products are available online or at select farmers' markets in the Saint Louis area.